Mar 24, 2008

In This Very Ring - - come over! Enjoy! :) Hope to see you there and thanks for bearing w/me. Xs and Os.

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Jan 18, 2008
I'm not dead ...

Working on a new location for this blog. Big Announcement coming soon. :) Peace & luv and hope y'all visit again soon. Thanks for the support all like, 3 of you. lol

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Aug 7, 2007
Youtube Video

By the way go to and search for Rassle Dazzle - a great slideshow ... made by a helluva gal! ;) Cheers.

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So ...

What did you guys think of Raw last night? I'm having a hard time reviewing it. I found it entertaining in the extreme but it's one of those shows I wish weren't so entertaining. There was almost literally NO good wrestling on it, it was incredibly sketch-heavy and the matches that did go on were weakish. Also, it was so transparently Vince McMahon's attempt to address his real-world legal and PR problems (the news media's field day with the WWE of late, and the US Congress wanting him to hand over various documents relating to their drug-testing program) with the 'razzle dazzle' of some fake BS (a paternity suit ... problems with the taxman ...) ... how can you tell the 'real' from the 'fake'?

And it makes me shake my head at Vince's hubris that he can just snub his nose at the US government (although why not? he's beaten them before) - it's offensive to me as a human being that this is about how seriously he takes death. It's about him, and his defensiveness, not a family dead, countless others before them, a serious drop in ratings, etc. Per usual, it's about Vince's ego. It would be nice to see that left at the door, a promise of cooperation with Congress's investigation, and a mild-mannered mea culpa for not addressing WWE's loyal employees and fans' concerns earlier. But ... nah. This is Vince.

Still ... ever the supporter of the rebel, I found myself somewhat chearing him tonight, even though (a) he's SO the establishment in some ways at this point it's not even funny and (b) in the real world the rest of us live in he's so wrong. Which I guess means he puts on a good product for what he does. The Dating Game was so out-of-context and stupid but funny ... damn, spam, 'nam, scram ... and I actually enjoyed Cena's self-interview on the Cabana tonight, although I know already without having read much it was somewhat typical Cena shit that the IWC will crap all over. So sue me, I want to see the belt off of him two years later as much as anyone, but I like the guy, he belongs at the top of the card, and he entertains me.

So lots of entertaining-but-pointless stuff -- I mean ... "Mr. Kennedy" how many times? Till he was essentially given the hook when we went to commercial and gone by the time we were back? Just how long did that go on? I enjoyed Umaga's face turn though I'll be curious where they go with it next, I had fun ... Raw had a quasi-different feel to it last night, and I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing yet. If more in-ring action is added as we go along, I think a 'reset button' giving us new storylines and directions three weeks out from a PPV is a good thing. Starting fresh can never hurt, as long as Vince recognizes his strong suits, and hopefully minimizes his presence onscreen from here out (although with the baby daddy angle, Lord knows ...). So good all around, just throw in some more good wrestling.

And as a note: WWE folks, getcha heads back in the game. JR's slip of the tongue last week mixing up Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall is understandable - they DO look similar and even if they didn't, that type of thing can happen once in awhile. But between Randy Orton discussing how he was going to win the WW*Fbleeeep*E title, Lillian Garcia talking about how the winner of the Booker T-Jerry Lawler match was going to crown the loser next week at Madison Square Garden, and JR talking about how we can tune in to see Cena beat Umaga later on ... wow. Just wow. I know it's been a rough and stressful six weeks for everyone - the tone was set yesterday that OK, let's address all this, blow it up, get it out of our system and move on. Hopefully that happens with a great card at MSG next week, and Summerslam 2 weekse later. Between a big Raw, as it always is in NYC, a PPV soon, and Saturday Night's Main Event in a couple weeks, if this becomes the "Vince McMahon soapbox show", with misspeakings all over the place in other areas, it will be a LONG month.

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Jul 31, 2007
RAW, 7/30/07

So - back in the game and so was Raw! I actually enjoyed tonight's show, there were only a few segments that didn't entirely 'fit in', so to speak. For example, Coach telling Cody Rhodes he was going to protect him and not let him get involved with Randy Orton tonight - what? Isn't Coach supposed to be a heel-ish, if not outright heel, GM? So why would he want to protect the kid who's the definition of white-meat babyface? And giving him a quasi-squash match with Daivari, who I can't even remember the last time I saw him? This was one of two jobber-type matches on Raw tonight, which is probably my biggest complaint ... but more on that later. Again, overall a solid show.

The opening promo with John Cena, Carlito and Ken Kennedy was REALLY good,  one of the best promos I've seen in a very, VERY long time actually ... it actually feels like awhile since I've seen Raw start with one of its oldschool 15-minute vignettes ... and probably an even longer time since one of them was good, lol. Anyway, the three guys were all on their A-game. Personally I don't mind Cena's comedy when he doesn't stray too much into gay/sex/bodily functions-type territory. And he played funny-aggressive-cocky, which is a good way to play for his character.

They built up the destructiveness of Randy Orton - his new 'concussion'-inducing gimmick is disturbing and cold, and really makes you feel uncomfortable with his sinisterness - which means he's doing an incredible job.

Speaking of uncomfortable though - what da hellz up with Santino Marella? I mean, dude is creepy, hangs out with all the face divas, cheats on their behalf in a tag team match last week, and then complains about incompetent officiating this week? He comes across almost heelish, telling the ref that he's yelling at after the diva tag match that no ref can control him and he's going to get his thoughts out ...

And who comes out to the ref's aide but ... UMAGA? And then the ref separates them and declares an impromptu match? Who's bad here? Who's good? Are we supposed to root against Santino because he was bullying the ref? Against Umaga because he's clearly a monster heel? The ref for playing into Santino's fears about corrupt officiating? ... Dubba-you-tee-eff?

Awesome Kennedy beating Bobby Lashley, provided Lashley gets some back in the next bit - getting the win back or beating some other established star, or such. I was excited with both KK and Carlito's wins, actually. Kennedy has not had a really big win since hitting Raw, and Carlito's been job-boy since losing the I-C belt to ... Shelton Benjamin? Chris Masters? Can't even remember who he traded it with last. It was good to see them both pushed - and in Carlito's case it didn't even damage Cena, as he was sneak-attacked by Randy Orton.

However, the WWE folks need to be very careful with Bobby Lashley now as he lost to Cena going after the big belt, and he's now ratcheted up a loss to the definitive upper-mid-card guy, Ken Kennedy - they need to give him a big win back, and *I* for one am afraid it's going to be against Carlito, who really can't risk being squashed anymore, and should be allowed to go with the momentum he just got with his win over Cena. Perhaps Lashley beating Randy Orton, even by DQ or such, before Orton wins the world title would be good? Just thinking aloud.

The King vs. King match would have been awesome if Triple H came out - I understand his 'in-ring' return is at Summerslam but presumably that means a match, presumably with King Booker. And they've done a good job so far building that feud up without seeing Trips onscreen. I can't imagine them continuing another 4 weeks worth of buildup without Mr. Gamey-pants. I figured tonight would be his return to save the Jerry-atric king (who didn't look half bad, for the record), but obviously they're saving it (while still taking up time with promo videos ... cool :P).

The Cryme Tyme guys dispatching a couple jobbers and auctioning off a pair of signed boots for $40 - take it or leave it I guess. I think with the talent WWE has, there's no room for pure, all-out, weekend-wrestling-from-seventeen-years-ago jobber matches on Raw; however, as JG pointed out over at, the crowd was into it, a fan got a memento (even if it IS of a couple lower-midcard guys at best), and it was a fun way to kill a few minutes (airtime, as JG also correctly pointed out, that TNA would give eyeteeth for right about now).

Either way, a Raw *I* enjoyed, although perhaps wrestling purists would not so much have - the Kennedy-Lashley match and Cena-Carlito were okay, and arguably, wow, the divas match was perhaps match of the night. Check that out, and definitely check out the opening banter between John-Boy, Carly and Kenny, and you'll get the gist of the show.

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Jul 29, 2007
*just a quick note*

Hey guys - I know I didn't follow up on the GAB, or Raw/Impact/SD for that matter - this is different from other times I say I'll post and don't. This week I've been helping darling hubby on a major-ginormous project, getting my apartment clean for our impending trip (housesitter and all), and BLOGATHONing on my other blog today (check a post or two down, or for details. And I have NO desire to be on the computer tomorrow after this day lol.

So what say we make a date? Tuesday I will post my reax to Raw. Sound like a plan? YAAAAAY! See you then.

XO - Sarah

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Jul 22, 2007
Great American Bash Predix

So it's about 10 hours before the GAB, and here is the finalized card and my thoughts on each match.

CRUISERWEIGHT OPEN: Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Jamie Noble vs. Shannon Moore vs. Funaki
My thoughts on this match are a bit mixed. On the one hand, after a long period of time of giving the cruiserweight title even less attention than is right, what a great way to spotlight almost all of WWE's great cruiserweight talent. Wreslers like Noble, Moore, and Funaki deserve some PPV time, as does the cruiser division. However, a surefire way of cheapening the belt is with highly confusing, multi-man matches like TNA has cheapened the X-division with at times. The success of this match will depend on how well they manage to keep the action follow-able and under control in that sense. PREDICTION: Jimmy Wang Yang.

SINGAPORE CANE MATCH: Sandman vs. Carlito
This feud seems kind of random to me, but then Sandman not being on ECW seems kind of random to me. I haven't seen Carlito in too many 'hardcore' environments to my recollection so it will be interesting to see how he does. Having said that - Sandman's an older ECW original in the twilight of his career - three strikes against him in the eyes of McMahonism. Look for him to do the job and put Carlito over. PREDICTION: Carlito.

WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Candice Michelle vs. Melina
These two have really impressed me and I'm excited for this match - while it doesn't make sense to give Candice such a short run with the belt, I think Melina is longterm the more bankable star. Look for her to regain here, and start a feud with Mickie James. As an alternative, look for Beth Phoenix to get herself involved, thereby starting a feud with one woman or another. PREDICTION: Melina.

US TITLE MATCH: MVP vs. Matt Hardy
The only thing easy to call about this match is that if the guys are allowed to do their thing - really do their thing - it will be an amazing fight. These are two top-notch competitors and I'm looking forward to them entertaining me. It will be a tremendous match between two men who really deserve the US title, and there would be no disappointing result. It's a win-win situation, and the REAL winner; the fans. PREDICTION: If I have to put it on one, I'll go with MVP, as he only recent won the belt. If he loses it to Matt, look for the feud to continue with the belt being traded fairly frequently between them.

It's interesting that both Hardy brothers are fighting for singles gold on this card. I want to give WWE credit for some smart booking and predict that the story about sibling rivalry was a teaser - that one will win their belt and the other will turn heel out of jealousy (most likely Matt, as he's had a harder row to hoe to get to where he is). But that's way too interesting a story for WWE to book ... isn't it? In terms of this match, I think Umaga's been too destroyed by playing the McMahons' lackey to really play the indestructable monster right now. He'll get his heat back at Summerslam against the Jackass boys ... they wouldn't want the belt on him for THAT would they? PREDICTION: Jeff Hardy, possibly due to some interference/causing some friction with his brother Matt.

TEXAS BULLROPE MATCH: Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Orton
I think this will actually be a pretty good match - they're hiding the Dust's flaws in a match that suits his style, and that has lots of opportunity for questionable wins, for violence, and to create a really emotional moment with Dusty being hurt by the brash, cocky young Legend Killer. I also see a major opportunity for a Cody Rhodes heel turn here, which I think would be interesting. Poor Dusty - he just can't seem to keep the love of his sons. PREDICTION: Randy Orton's the longterm performer here; he will win, with the help of Cody, Dusty's son.

ECW TITLE MATCH: John (don't call me Nitro) Morrison vs. CM Punk
This is a toughie, because both guys, as Zah pointed out over at World Wrestling Insanity, are at a pretty precarious position in their career. John Morrison won the ECW title on a fluke, because Chris Benoit infamously and tragically no-showed a PPV at which he was supposed to win the ECW title. He had been doing the job pretty routinely for months, and has to prove he belongs on this level of playing field. However CM Punk has been chasing the ECW title for so long, it's time he prove he can play with the big boys. They need to very carefully arrange this so neither guy gets hurt in terms of their credibility. PREDICTION: Expect a confusing ending, in which neither guy wins, or else in which CM Punk wins in some questionable manner. I don't see Morrison rightfully holding onto the title here.

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: The Great Khali vs. Kane vs. Batista
Big Dave should win this one here. Hands down. I have nothing else to say. Come back soon Edge, Undertaker ... PLEASE!!! We miss you. PREDICTION: Batista.

WWE Title Match: John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley
I sniff Triple H's onscreen return here - his first match back will be Summerslam, but his first TV appearance should not be given away for free if they're building him up so strongly. And I can't imagine him caring enough about any other match - except maybe the Orton-Rhodes one, as Orton put him AND his DX partner out of action - enough to be bothered. Regardless I'm sticking to my usual policy on this one ... PREDICTION: Bet on Cena. You'll only be wrong once.

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Jul 20, 2007
WWE Great American Bash

Hey guys - sorry I've neglected you, my wrestling Sarah-maniacs (or something) in the past 10 days-2 weeks or so. I've been busy and just getting back into the swing of things with my other online stuff too. I will be on later today/tomorrow with my GAB predictions. In the meantime -

Check out Zah's "Shakin' My Head" column over at World Wrestling Insanity - every week he picks three contributors to answer three major wrestling-related questions at the end of his column, and yours-truly did so this week. I provide my thoughts on Great Khali as new world champion (poor Edge - beyond not being able to get a break, the poor guy's being tormented, he keeps getting these half-breaks dangled under his nose, and then taken away from him for stupid reasons), on the likelihood of Samoa Joe as TNA champion, and my thoughts on the recent ratings dips experienced by Monday Night Raw.

Till later, jobbers. :)

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Jul 6, 2007

*reposted from my other blog, SARcasm.

Hey all, so thanks to stumbling across a Facebook note written by an old friend of mine, Tatiana Warkentin-Hamill, I was introduced today to an event known as Blogathon. What is Blogathon? Well, much like Wake-A-Thons or 30-Hour Famines we all might have done in school or church groups, it's literally a 'blog' marathon. Myself and other bloggers (including Tatiana) have to write blogs every 30 minutes for 24 hours. It's from 6 am on July 28, until 6 am the next day. But this is crazy blogging with a difference ...

Namely; it's for charity. The charity I've chosen to blog, right here, for is Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region. I chose this particular type of charity as a wrestling fan, in light of the recent murder of Nancy Benoit by her husband, WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, to bring light to the problems women face in abusive or violent situations.

The specific services WCSWR provides are as follows:

1. Emergency shelters and services for abused women and their children
2. 24 hour emergency shelter
3. referrals, legal and court support, advocacy
4. crisis line support
5. outreach program
6. groups and one-on-one support
7. housing support.

These are all important services to those getting out of abusive home situations. You can find out more about WCSWR at their website,

Now how do you donate, you ask? Easy! You go to the list of blogs (link provided below), and you find mine, the one labeled SARcasm. There, you can click 'donate now'. It's as easy as that, and if I don't keep up my blogging for the 24 hours, you are under no obligation to donate. Also, for those of you with no computer or pesky dialup access for which this is too difficult - I can make a proxy donation in your name!

Don't have a whole lot of money of your own to donate right now? That's fine. Some other ways you can help - pass the word along to friends, for one. Or pick your own charity, and blogathon yourself!

Now you might be wondering ... donations? Reading her blog updates that day? Blogathoning myself? How might I do these things. Well! It is now time for ...

A few other important links!

To find out about Blogathon itself, go to There you can find out more about how it works. You can also sign up to Blogathon yourself.

To find a list of involved blogs (and the charities they're donating to), check out There you can also donate to any of the charities - they're all great picks so don't be shy if there's one you feel more strongly about. Particularly check out "Deadly Waves of Stupidness" - Tatiania's blog, who got me started on this whole thing - and "SARcasm" - mine. :)

For that matter, continue to check out my blog at and go check out hers,

Thanks for your support guys, and check out on the 28th - it sounds like an experience! :)

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Jul 3, 2007
WWE Unionization Drive

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